About Conscious Awakenings LLC

Helping you to Heal  Teaching You to Heal Yourself

Christine Sonnen

   Founder and Owner of Conscious Awakenings LLC

ThetaHealing Master/Certificate of Science Practitioner and Teacher
Holographic Memory Resolution Practitioner
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner
Past Life Regressionist & Teacher
Reconnective Healing Practitioner

As a highly intuitive holistic practitioner, personal coach, and workshop leader with an international practice Christine Sonnen, ATP brings over 20 years of experience in cutting edge healing techniques and personal growth to her powerfully transformative workshops and sessions.
Through emotional release, energetic healing, and spiritual counseling Christine helps you to quickly resolve issues - deeply all the way to the source of the problem, and bring more balance and harmony into your life.
Christine is a medical intuitive, spiritual coach and holistic practitioner and teacher in Energetic Healing and Energy Psychology. Christine is a ThetaHealing master of DNA3 and practitioner of ThetaHealing, Holographic Memory Resolution, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, The One Command, and Reconnective Healing®. She is also an Angel Therapy Practitioner certified by Doreen Virtue. Her work supports the scientifically-proven concept that negative emotions create blocks within the body, causing the body to lose its delicate balance. You will receive physical, mental and/or emotional healing as your body releases blocking energy and beliefs it has been holding. You will have more energy, think more clearly, and feel more positive. Her practice centers around helping her clients find greater balance, intuitive connection, and peace in their lives.
ThetaHealing - a meditation training technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy for improvement and evolution of mind, body, and spirit
Past Life Regression - retrieve and release memories and trauma from childhood and past lives in order to find more peace, joy and health in the present
Holographic Memory Resolution - empowering the clients own "healer within" to release trauma in a gentle "emotional reframing" technique that began in relapse prevention and has helped over 20,000 trauma survivors
The One Command - teaches you a command more powerful than affirmations. As you enter your own Source state of mind, you change your poor-thinking to rich-thinking. You release your fears and activate your DNA to accept what you want in your life, naturally and easily.
Quantum Healing Hypnosis - brings you more information than you have ever gotten in a session about you and what is going on in your life; connection with your Superconsciousness/Oversoul/ Higher Self for amazing healing.

My journey started as a personal quest for healing, which brought me to a new level of understanding and a new way to look at the origin of many diseases as something that we have direct control over – our own beliefs. Christine is a graduate of The Mystery School as a Medical Intuitive. Additional studies and certification include ThetaHealing Master Practitioner and Teacher, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Holographic Memory Resolution Practitioner, Spiritual Response Therapy, Geotran, Reiki, Mediumship, Color Therapy, Channeling, Angelic Healing Fire Master, Akashic Records Consultant, Celebrating Life Spiritual Education Program, and Center for Soulful Living Mentoring Program. Christine’s passion is to show you how you can heal and empower yourself to create a healthier and more positive environment within your life.