Booking a Session or Class

ThetaHealing: Release issues to the root, manifesting, the body intuitive, DNA Activation and so much More
Holographic Memory Resolution: Body-mind technique allowing expedient access to past traumas
Past/Future Life Regression: Regress to a time for answers and release of a fear, block or problem

Quantum Healing Hypnosis: Amazing information and healing from your own Super Consciousness

Some client sessions are done over the phone. Distance sessions are also available where you can be at work or doing any activity while the session is in progress.
I work with clients within and outside of the United States. Zoom may be available for some types of sessions as well.
Please call to discuss what types of sessions will work best for you.

Session Rates:
$100 for 30 minute session Reconnective Healing
$100 for 30 minute session ThetaHealing
$120 for 1 hour session - Past Life Regression
$350 for Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions (approx. 3-4 hours)

Highly Recommended: Activating your DNA through ThetaHealing to improve your Intuitive abilities and The Reconnection.

Phone Number: (847) 732-6943
Email: [email protected]

Class deposits are non-refundable though transferable to another class. Teleconference payments are non-refundable.

Payment Links

ThetaHealing Session Payment Link

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session Payment Link